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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ancient Alien Nephilim, Giants, Mutants, Genetic Engineering, and Hybrids (Watch Video)

Ancient Alien Nephilim, Giants, Mutants, Genetic Engineering, and Hybrids (Watch Video)

February 17, 2011

What are the Nephilim? Do they exist today? Where did they come from? How is modern genetic engineering, nanotechnology, and science related to the Nephilim? Can human clones be made today? What are the implications to us? What will happen to Earth and our way of life in the near future? If you haven’t seen Part 1, click here Esaua Yeti Sasquatch Bigfoot Native Americans Strange creatures monsters Nephilim Hypertrichosis acromegaly recessive genes hybrids humanoid remains Esau mysterious strange weird scary Bible UFO connection the nephilim planet x nibiru aliens in Russia seen as 3 giants stepping from craft. Giantism in DNA today stems from gene pool contamination in ancient times. Nephilim are genetic hybrid races of humans and the annuki … giant tribes mated with humans and that recessive gene still shows up today. Public school, mainstream media and government coverup antichrist end times 2012 alien invasion return of the nephilim mysterious strange paranormal creatures hell on earth flood of noah ark bloodlines of the illuminati New World Order master race genetic engineering sumarian texts giants giant holocaust human enslavement extinction extinct being supernatural fallen angels human women Genesis 6 alien abduction reproductive experiments human hybrids implants 666 satan God Jesus Christ Christian news clips footage PHOTOS PICS bigfoot body found dead big foot remains body recovered proof evidence fox news cnn

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  1. Great site. Have you seen the latest proof that aliens have been on Earth for thousands of years: Alien mummy found in Eygpt 2012

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